What is YTE?

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In 1929, Dr. John Ralston Davidson discovered the extract derived from Fertilized Avian Hen Eggs on the 9th day of incubation. He used this extract to restore terminally ill cancer patients back to health.

In 1943, Dr. Davidson’s work was presented at the Third International Cancer Conference. However, he died soon thereafter, and his death marked the end of research on fertilized hen eggs.

50 years later, Dr. Bjoedne Eskeland, a Norway’s foremost expert on egg revived Dr. Davidson’s original research. He rediscovered the power of protein, Young Tissue Extract, from the fertilized eggs that enhance and improve human health.

YTE is now helping many with their health issues. 
Many people experience benefits within a matter of 5 days. 
Most have experienced improvements within 30 days
John R Davidson
John Ralston Davidson

YTE used as an energy and stamina supplement is ideal for people who face both physical and mental challenges everyday. YTE will help you get more effect out of physical activities including a quicker recovery after a hard work out and more muscle tone and strength. YTE also works to improve energy levels and increases stamina, both critical imperatives to comprehensive age management.

More YTE Information

Total Health Magazine

Bjodne Eskeland, PhD. stated in an article for Total Health Magazine:

“Young Tissue Extract contains a natural combination of potent amino acids and glycopeptides, which are enriched in the period immediately after fertilization. It is important to understand hen’s eggs that have not been fertilized by the rooster’s sperm cannot produce a chick, but fertilized eggs, the source of my Young Tissue Extract, contain a viable embryo. If incubated by a hen sitting on the egg or in an incubator, it will form a chick within 21 days or three weeks.

In this three-week time period, from the day the rooster has fertilized the hen until the fully developed chick is ready to be hatched, a tremendous amount of cellular growth and development takes place in the embryo, which ultimately develops into the grown chick. What we have done is to develop a process to extract that tremendously powerful growth material and put it into a capsule form, which is called Young Tissue Extract.”

Benefits of YTE

  • Results are normally noticed within days, not months.
  • Sleep quality is improved and you wake more rested.
  • Increased energy and a faster recovery from physical exertion. 
  • Less sore the day after exercise.
  • Increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Skin improvements, including a healthier glow.
  • Clinical studies show that YTE reduces cortisol. 
  • The brain fog lifts and results in improved concentration.

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